An Unofficial VS Code - Chat GPT extension

The most loved* ChatGPT extension in VS Code open-sourced

The project is built as a hobby project - With no affiliation to any organization

The functionality fully relies on OpenAI services without any affiliation to them

*Downloaded by ~500,000 developers with more than 100 5 star ratings within 3 months of release

Try out this extension on marketplace: ChatGPT - Genie AI

The extension is stripped out of Browser capabilities and published as an integration point for community to continue utilizing GPT models in Sidebar conversations or responses in editor, favorites, personalization and more.

Forks and continuation of the original project

Feel free to contribute here.

  1. Continued by ChatGPT - Genie AI
  2. Forked by @Christopher-Hayes: ChatGPT Reborn



If you are developing completely another extension and release it to the public, make sure you follow this.

This project is released under ISC License - See root License for details. Copyright notice and the respective permission notices must appear in all copies.

How to build and run

How to install locally